Workshops - purchasing fit for the future

Strongly increasing digitalisation, modern technologies and a generally high dynamic of change - the VUCA world poses challenges for purchasing. A lack of predictability and, moreover, a frequent lack of understanding of change are just as much a part of this as the high complexity of systems and the networking of all processes. To counteract this, it is important to train purchasing staff accordingly, to provide education and understanding and to bring purchasing out of its "old comfort zone".

Would you like...

  • Tailor-made (online) workshops according to your company's individual needs?
  • A modular workshop structure with transfer phases and pre- or post-training for sustainable learning effects?
  • Experts who are at your side during the learning process?

Use our workshop offer to achieve more understanding and better results in purchasing.

Our workshops

A series of seminars that makes purchasing fit for the future. Benefit from our wealth of experience as globally active purchasing experts and learn how to become a success factor for the company as a buyer.

Deepen your purchasing know-how and learn about the latest trends in purchasing. Find out what makes international purchasing tick and develop from a price-squeezer to a company (co-)creator. In addition, you will learn with the latest online training methods that are used worldwide in the automotive industry.

In this 120-minute power online workshop, we bring speed into stalled structures so that you can achieve best performance. Benefit from our know-how and wealth of experience as globally active purchasing experts.

In this workshop, you will break down deadlocked structures in purchasing, strengthen team spirit, motivate top performance, awaken the willingness to innovate and put your team in pole position.

The DONUTS© method developed by Tanja Dammann-Götsch especially for purchasing in the automotive industry will be used. In Formula 1, donuts stand for victories, best performance and passion. The method is based on Tanja Dammann-Götsch's many years of international experience as a trainer and coach in this field.

This seminar is specially designed for young professionals in purchasing, colleagues from the technical sector who want to get to grips with purchasing and salespeople who want to better understand the purchasing process - geared towards industrial companies and the service sector.

In this seminar we provide the basic tools for basic purchasing knowledge. You will learn trends from current purchasing and reflect on the connections between purchasing and profit. You will exchange ideas about targets in your company and apply your own targets. With the right tasks, goals and strategies you will become a successful buyer.

Learn with the latest online training methods used in the automotive industry worldwide. Extensive, practical knowledge and detailed feedback from the globally active purchasing expert and experienced trainer Tanja Dammann-Götsch are also part of the seminar.

This seminar is aimed at buyers with professional experience. We will deepen your knowledge of the new role of purchasing in industry and the service sector.

Get to know the latest interactive methods used in the automotive industry worldwide. With each step you will deepen your know-how as a buyer - rhetoric in negotiation, professional negotiation, consulting and personal mentoring. You will also gain practical knowledge about technology, team spirit and speed in current purchasing and learn what makes global purchasing tick and master the new role of the buyer. With the right communication, motivation and sales tactics, you will become a successful buyer.

Learn with the latest online training methods used worldwide in the automotive industry and receive detailed feedback from global purchasing expert Tanja Dammann-Götsch.

Do you also want to make purchasing a success factor in your company? Then let's talk about our seminar and workshop offers to get the best out of it for you.